Design Thinking exercise

Whole Bank is a new way of saving and managing money using technologies.

Emphatize> Users find problems on paying with electronic devices while traveling. At certain points of purchase worldwide they just accept traditional payment methods: like cards and cash…

Define>The main problems for payment while traveling are usually currency issues, issues with ATM not accepting cards, remote access to ATM, running out of cash, language barriers… and many others…but everyone people do carry mobile devices and internet access even in remote areas is possible.

Ideate> One proposed solution is that people can create single QR-codes like train tickets or airplane that are money, Whole Bank allows customer to create blocks of QR-codes with money and users just need to get the QR-code scanned through the app application of Whole Bank.

mind map sketch

People have pockets in their mobile linked to a bank card, they also have money inside the app, and further they can create money blocks for paying others no matter where and which currency.

prototype sketch
  • Most of travelers carry mobile devices,cards and cash.
  • The QR code money avoids having cards and cash with you, just your mobile.
  • Every shop owner, bussines person has a mobile device and can download the app.
  • Not everyone worldwide have access to internet, bank accounts and mobile devices. In a country like Cuba people will only be able to pay with cash.
  • Most of the urban population and city dwellers do have bank account, mobile devices and internet.
  • These solution only applies for those with access to internet, bank account and mobile devices…