House Hunters International’s Guide to Escaping Trump and Becoming an Expat

Articles here get more amusing as the days go on. First a “disclaimer”: I lived in Germany for years, went to school there, love the nation and the people; first boyfriend French, lots of friends from other European nations. Number One: learn the language (actually the languages). My son who did not grow in Europe knows a bit of German, no problem; knows Spanish, no problem, can understand Italian just fine, no problem. Did not take my advice on practicing French before going, big issue, all of a sudden no one there spoke English. Hint: most Europeans do know English, but since he knew other languages, he managed to communicate. Number Two: Lose the attitude, only people in the US think the US is superior to every other nations in the world. Number Three: If you have issues with one and two, don’t bother you will never be welcomed. Hard to believe but most people don’t like being looked down on. Number Four: just because you want to go there doesn’t mean they want you there. That includes Canada, who by the way, made it more difficult for people from the US to move there, as of two years ago. If you want to move there you better have very specific education and training on the fields they require, there is a quota for certain fields and age limitation among others. Where I live, if you trip, you fall in Canada. They like to protect their own people when it comes to jobs, unlike here. Like Canadians, they sound more like people from my state or is it the other way around?

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