I do it all the time!
Chris Hall

Congratulations, then you are one of few. You can bet that is not the norm. I happen to be Hispanic and I know that for most that is not the norm. It’s a talk the talk and not walk the talk. I suggest you go around and ask black people who are not of your social “level” the question I asked you. As to the gay couple, that were in a BBQ you once ATTENDED, why are YOU making an issue of it. I’m 70 and I had gay friends in high school. Every one knew they were gay and no one gave a dang, of course, I’m from Puerto Rico, a nation were such things weren’t so strange as to mention it. Heck, one of my friends was not just gay, he was one of the original drag queens. If you even watch RuPaul’s Drag Race, you will find that Puerto Ricans are featured just about every time, I know because I am a fan of the show. Oops! By the way, a very close relative of mine was born both male and female. Zero big deal, asides from the fact that the male hormones prevent a pregnancy. Try to beat that one. LOL Did you notice, how you seemed to think that a black/white couple was an issue? That says a lot more about you than you intended. Oh, no, there’s the psychologist part of me trying to read you. Please the sentence that starts with “That says a lot” is really what I’m thinking. Your prejudice is showing, honey.

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