A Daily Writing Habit Allows You to Become the Author of Your Life Story
Srinivas Rao

From the time I was a toddler (yes, I learned to read and write very young) I wanted to be a writer. Problem is the word “scatterbrained” describes me totally. Can’t focus for very long on anything. No, I don’t have problems with writer’s block; a few hundred ideas a day doesn’t allow for that. I kept trying and giving up. Until recently. I finally had a duh! moment, when I realized that I write every day sometimes for hours on the internet. Some people hate me, some love me but not too many people in the middle, which is how I like it. So, I take it back, I am a writer, but at 70 I found my niche. I just needed for that niche to show up way in the future. At least I am not dead.

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