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I guess you had to admit the only about the infrastructure, taking into account there is not way to fake it. I suggest you get down from your little castle tower and actually go around the US and see if what Obama’s people said and what is going on, even remotely match. Increase in jobs normally would mean jobs that pay people enough for people to live on, not minimum or below minimum part time jobs. See those people hanging on in sidewalks? Not there for fun. See people in cars and minivans changing parking spots all day long to keep from being fined because they have no choice but to live in vehicles with their family and pet? Not on vacation. How about you take a little trip to Detroit, and I don’t mean where the restaurant and the white people live. Do you really think that Trump won because Obama left the US as great as you pretend? Maybe you fall for it, but people who are living outside of your little castle DO NOT. There is no economy. One obvious example, Social Security increases depend on how well the economy is (as in people spending). During Obama’s regime in three years we got zero increase (first three time in the history of SS with zero increase), during two of those Medicare premiums were increase almost 19%, yes, old folks pay premiums, doctors and medicine are not free. We had the three lowest EVER increases and Obama left us a little present of $4 a month increase. What do you buy with that increase NOTHING. My water went up $2 and my “sewage charged” over $17 more. How do you need that much in sewage for $2 more in water? Schools get so little from the feds, that in our lower middle class town, with a large portion of senior people on SS, the people keep voting to increase property taxes to buy things like modern day electronic equipment so kids can keep up, and to fix school buildings that are falling apart because they sure are not getting any help otherwise. And you think things are not that bad? Sorry to burst you bubble, they are WORSE. Just ask all the unemployed that are not counted as unemployed, to give people like you a sense of “security”. Did you hear what the police had to do this week in Chicago? How can you pretend to be a “journalist” while writing nonsense without doing any research? I don’t call myself one, just a person who posts and comments but you can bet that I spend way more hours than you researching, so I don’t come across as a fool, who has been indoctrinated and doesn’t know it because he doesn’t even search for the truth before writing.

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