Facebook lets advertisers exclude people by race
Bridget Todd

I think excluding some groups is wrong. I also think that “publicly cutting ties” by someone because they chose to support a candidate is wrong. Two wrongs do NOT a right make. This is still considered a democracy. Get real, you can NOT justify one while attacking the other. Once I got there, I figure out there is a problem with this article. Trump (much as I dislike him), is NOT the one with a photo in the internet dressed and made up to look like a Pickaninny. In case the person writing this article has not idea what that is, here is the definition from the Black-Face web site: “Picaninnies have bulging eyes, unkempt hair, red lips and wide mouths into which they stuff huge slices of watermelon”. I would think that the person writing this article would have a big issue with that. Plus, the guy may be a creep, but he is not the one who somehow has failed to forward money that was raised in 2010 to help a nation that suffered a devastating earthquake, which happens to be the poorest of the poor nations, and is populated mostly by blacks, as is Haiti. Plus, they just suffered another devastating tragedy, with the recent hurricane, so you would think at least some of that money, in an extremely slow journey there, would have be forwarded to help them now. I can’t believe what some people try to pretend has not happened. Is that photo accurate?