Hi Carmen,
Lavina Ranjan

In Spanish the term person of color (persona de color) means a person who is black or of African descent. So I am Hispanic and not of black descent. Neither are you. The electoral college has been in place as long as elections have been around in the US. In this elections, people are complaining because it’s not fair that their candidate did not win. And they never complained before? So what is the “solution” constant attacks against a person while some how missing that 99% of what they are saying also pertains to the other candidate? Apparently. Minorities have always been treated like minorities, including during the last eight years and suddenly it’s the fault of a person who has not even taken office. Or did you just arrive in the US? The person who did not win the electoral votes, somehow has keep money that was collected for the people of Haiti (the vast majority of them of African descent; slaves who fought the French without help of any other nation to gain their freedom and establish their nation). That was 2010 and in case you did not notice it is now six years later and they suffered another catastrophe recently and still no money? And somehow Trump gets attacked for being racists or prejudiced since not all minorities are actually of a different race and Clinton is somehow not racists while holding the money of the people of the poorest of all poor nations, including yours, who happen to be black? That’s my issue with your article. How about accepting that maybe you don’t know enough to be making conclusions? What? You wanted to join in of the constant attacks of people claiming the other side is evil, while using hate to prove their “points” while forgetting who has not done much to help ANY minorities during the last 8 years? I brought up your country of origin because, there as here there is discrimination and prejudice. Complaining does zero until people take responsibility and accept that what happens happens because you don’t solve a thing by blaming others, while pretending that it was all wonderful until a person who is not even in office won the electoral votes. I was born an American citizen and I know what it is like, but I managed to succeed because I chose to. Some people don’t like me? So what? I don’t need others approval.