You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

Let me get the violin! I don’t see myself as inferior to anyone, male or female; as some defenseless no one who needs other’s pity. Did I have to work harder? Sure, but I did it because I don’t like depending on others for “my” accomplishments. I became a lawyer when women lawyers were only 7% of the lawyers in the US. My father had a lot to do with it, because he taught me that I was as good as any man. In fact, he taught me that I was smarter than most men, so I did not have to play the housewife role, when that was most women’s destiny. At 8, I took on the school’s male bully. As my dad taught me, I went for the nose and broke it. Having his nose broken by a little girl ended his reign of terror. I took on a racist female teacher, not because she picked on me. I was the kid in the front row with my hand up. I did it because she picked on the black kids, calling them all kinds of names and humiliating them in front of the other kids. Ended up in a classroom of one, with the gym teacher supervising me. (A “horrible punishment” since all us little girls had a crush on him.) She had to take me back, but, guess what, she no longer picked on anyone. Same year, started protesting and marching for any just cause I could find. Blacks rights to vote, end was in Vietnam, students rights and many people never even heard of. The woman that wanted to be but is not and I are the same age, graduated from college the same year. I finished law school in three years, it took her four. (I sure hope that what I read of her waiting for Bill to graduate, is not true.) We both worked for the Legal Services Corporation at the same time (well, she started one year after me). My focus helping poor people, her’s getting political contacts. So who did better? Me, no doubt. Money was never what motivated me. Do I feel good about myself, you better believe it. I don’t care what anyone has to say, I’m above most men. There are some, after all, that I really admire.

Please stop being so condescending. Women can achieve what they want, and working harder is NOT a bad word, on the contrary. FYI, I see women like you to be below me, too much “poor little me, someone save me!”. AND, last but not least, did you know that “persona de color” and “person of color” mean the same thing and that in Spanish that means a black person, because we are not allowed to use the only word for black in Spanish, that has been in use longer than African-American, as a description for some one who is black and has never been to Africa. We all happen to be AMERICANS period. I’m also not a minority because being that I was born an US citizen (same as patents, grandparents, great…etc., I happen to be part of the MAJORITY. Therein lies the problem, people like you, who can not figure out that women are women, without the labels you like to add. Grow up, you are very offensive to women like me.

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