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“Strangely enough” I’m not being allowed to respond to your “Trump’s first month travels, etc”, so here I am. Number one difference between Trump presidency and Obama’s: There were no people constantly threatening or provoking others to cause Trump harm. He is president, regardless of what you want. You are NOT God or a god. So how about you act like a grown up and accept reality and stop your constant quest to get rid of Trump in one way or another. You are a huge part of the problem and your little “Fight Back” campaign only hurt the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the republic for which it stands. If you want change, get ready for two year from now, before you end up with ZERO Democrats in ANY type of government in the entire US. Lets get real, even California is starting to fall, because millions of people there DO NOT AGREE with people like you. And the loony governor, who likes to attack Trump is now in the position to have to ask the federal government to fix a HUGE problem which was cause by him no using the funds to deal with all his falling apart dams, to use them instead trying to bring in more support for himself, regardless of their right (to NOT) vote. As I see it, the dams are California’s problems and you are either in someone’s payroll or have zero idea how a “democratic” system works. Of course, no Democratic party would be a good thing, maybe we could end up with a new party that is about the PEOPLE, not the people, like you, that want to control everything others do, because they do not agree with you.

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