To Christy on Facebook, who doesn’t need the Women’s March

Want to know what the problem is? Many people see people like you as fake. Sorry, if I offend you (not really). Lets take for example Madonna. She was going to blow up the White House, oops, she really didn’t mean it when the FBI showed up. This is NOT a banana republic and many of us have zero intention of letting the US become one. Normally, people would wait months if not years, for a president to prove himself. But not the psychics who are sure he is going to be worse than the previous one that has lead the US to deeper waters without even a row boat. They already know, being that they think they are psychic . Back to Madonna, the example for women. Did you hear about her book, that was sold from behind the counters, who denigrated women to unbelievable levels and had nothing to do with cute doggy videos? Sorry, but for a communication and brand strategist, you should know better. How about (the foul mouth) Rosie and Katie Rich attacking a little 10 year old child? What did he ever do to anyone? How about all the garbage that you women marchers left everywhere? Couldn’t they at least taken it with them? Or was that supposed to be some kind of message? If you are going to claim to be holier than thou, then act holier because the message you leave behind is one of hate, and viciousness based on what may or may not happen. Last, I suggest you do some really good research on the person that you think should have won, under the only election system in place in the US, since the US became the US. Start with Haiti, a very poor nation of most black people who won their freedom from slavery with no one’s help and who has been so abused by your candidate. How old are you? Like 8?

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