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What is a middle finger to the American public is that this kind of (what I suppose) Mr Editor in Chief calls journalism. Not enough to attack Trump, why not go after every one in his family. No wonder people don’t believe anything the press has to say anymore. Not that I am saying this is remotely press. How about telling us who pays Mr Editor in Chief and his staff to publish this much nonsense. Nepotism? Is Trump paying her to do the job of playing his daughter? Who should he hire? Clinton? Why did this guy’s idol lose? She couldn’t get over EIGHT million of Democrats that voted for Obama in 2008, or the over Four millions of Democrats that voted for Obama in 2012 that did not vote for her. How about the millennials that are “protesting”, you would think that if they had bother to vote for the idol, the idol would have won. It was the Democrats that did chose not to vote that are responsible. But, what the heck, lets attack Ivanka. Know what? I had no plans to vote for Trump, because to be honest, I never like him much. What convinced me? The so called press that decided that the American public is so stupid that they had to make the decision for us and get us to vote for someone even worse. Second reason I decided to vote? Five letters HAITI. That boat carrying the money collected to help them during the earthquake has not yet arrived after SIX YEARS.