I’m a liberal professor and my conservative students terrify me.
Jason McCormick

What is wrong with this picture? “I am not worried about my liberal students.” Why, because they agree with you? There was a time when professors were worried about liberal students. Why? Because we were the ones questioning society and not repeating what our “superiors” were telling us, including so called liberal professors. We questioned everyone, we were NOT rubber stamps that ignored what was going on around us. I’m sure some people (like you, for example) would see me as a “conservative”, which taking into account how “paranoid” I am, is laughable. I read a lot and I read from both sides. I’m no one’s little puppet. Here’s a fitting definition: “a movable model of a person that is used in entertainment and is typically moved either by strings controlled from above or by a hand inside it.” You would have found me terrifying.

Funny you mention BLM, when it is a know fact that some people are getting PAID and the jobs are even being posted in social media with the salaries listed and people are somehow “imported” from other areas to turn some unfortunate occurrence into total chaos, where businesses (which are not that many in those areas) are destroyed. I’m 70, I marched for the right of black people to vote, when I was just 12. You name any ongoing protest for human rights, during the very late 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s (mostly never mentioned anywhere) and you would find me there. Why? Because I believe in humanity, although not in the government we were and are stuck with. I never got paid a penny to do it. Hate to tell you this, but blacks are NOT the only ones that are suppressed. There are many millions of whites that are poor, have no way out of poverty and fall into powerlessness. Same with just about every other group. Including Asians, imagine that!

People like you divide the nation by choosing sides, when most Americans are in the wrong side of our “equal” society, which has never been equal. Plenty of wars, few children of the people creating the wars, often out of nothing, having to go to war, while the rest find they have no choice but to go if they want to eat and feed their families, in our “great” economy, ruled for years by the so called liberals that are part of an oligarchy. You do know what that is?

I feel for you, because people like you have been turned into puppets, due to the fact that colleges and university have now gone business, so as to make more money to waste in buildings and art projects. They made what used to be professional professors into laborers, trembling, worried about next year’s meal. Please, look inside of you and see if you can notice why you are part of the problem. Professors used to mold minds, not pretend that ‘it’s the others’. Hate to tell you this but you are NOT a liberal, you are as conservative as it gets and don’t know it.

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