Carmen 🌸 Sakurai
Certified Professional Life Strategist. Breakup Recovery Coach. Best selling author. Advocate for victims of NPD abuse.
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He was fascinating, intelligent, and fun. Someone I was excited to learn from and exchange stories of various topics. We checked in with each other almost daily, spending hours talking about anything and everything.

But suddenly, he stopped reaching out.

I didn’t really mind being the one initiating contact, so…

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Many professional life coaches, including myself, land in this field after investing years searching for answers to heal their own brokenness. I, for one, specialize in breakup recovery for adult survivors of childhood traumas because I’ve “lived” in this space for so long.

My kryptonite? Relationships with emotionally unavailable men.

Thinking back, they all fit a very specific mold.

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What Is Codependency?

Also known as “relationship addiction,” the codependent is addicted to relationships and the validation they get from them. They will do whatever it takes, including sacrificing their own personal needs and well-being, to keep receiving this validation.

Root Cause of Codependency

Codependency is usually rooted during childhood. The child grows up in a home…

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Motivation comes in waves.

Some days we find ourselves ready to take over the world as soon as we open our eyes. We make big plans, get the project started, and feel an overwhelming sense of excitement because we’re finally going to make this happen!

Then we wake up the…

Carmen 🌸 Sakurai

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