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“How do you do it all?”

“Don’t you miss your kids?”

“Where do you find the time?”

“Are you stressed?”.

When people find out I run multiple businesses and have four kids they often ask me these questions as if I will commiserate about how there is “not enough time” and all that backwards cultural messaging we hear every day.

I don’t commiserate because it simply isn’t true. Having time is about making choices. I choose to hustle to make money that allows me to pay for more time so that I never feel like I am deprived of it. I have good work relationships, have weekly date nights with my husband, have close friends, take lots of trips and spend a lot of uninterrupted time with my kids. It annoys me when people blame “work” for reasons they can’t get something done as I believe it is rarely work’s fault —I think it is how people spend their time around the working hours or within them that creates the problems or freedom in their lives. …

Everyone says that “retail is dead”….. but is it really?

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Our Longmont Location!

Well, I’ve been running several retail stores at Crystal Joys for over five years now… and I’ve been doing it on a very part-time basis while running the other companies…and if I’m being completely honest — our retail stores have had mixed results. …

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My 20 week maternity photo with my first child.

Owwwwwwww! Why do my boobs hurt? It is two days in a row that I have woken up in pain — they are so sore I can barely put my bra on. About three hours later I have a “moment” and gasp remembering the last time I felt that way….and I start texting my husband who is already at the grocery store to grab a pregnancy test.

20 minutes later I am sitting on the toilet staring at the stick….. waiting to breathe. They should really offer paid advertising on these sticks…I’ve never studied and concentrated on anything the way I have studied pregnancy tests during my life (#newbusiness). The first line always comes easily. …


Carmen Sample

Entrepreneur with 20+ million in annual revenue from restaurant, retail stores, event center, and social service businesses. #boss

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