I welcome you noticing the problem, but you are still trying to shift the costs away or hide the…

Juhani, let me try and address some of your concerns.

First, I understand that you have concerns with the tipping system in general in the US, and I recognize those concerns. That is why we are changing the system at our restaurant. You seem to strongly disagree with the American restaurant system in general. While I cannot change that, I can make the pricing at my restaurant easier to understand.

I want to be very clear: here at Samples, we do not use tips and do not leave our employees’ wages up to the varying generosity of our customers. We take full responsibility in paying our employees a stable, fair wage, and the cost of our final bill, including the service charge, reflects that. When you eat at a restaurant, you aren’t simply paying for the food; you are also paying for the preparation of that food and the service required to deliver to you a pleasant experience. We take those elements into consideration, and we charge accordingly.

We will never present anyone with a service charge without making it clear to them at the beginning of their meal how our restaurant operates and what will be included on their final bill. Clear explanations are written on every menu and our servers talk about the program with every customer who walks in. We work very hard to make this a clear, straightforward process. When you receive the bill at the end of the meal, you do not have to do any math or calculations, and you do not have to feel guilt. You pay what is on the bill, and can rest easy knowing we pay our servers and bussers and cooks a fair wage.

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