Please stop claiming a normal balance between work and non-work is nonsense - part 2
Stowe Boyd

Missing the point…again.

Oh Stowe Boyd — You really don’t get it. The point here is that if a business needs an 80 hour workweek, then the employee that chooses that job must be prepared for that (Let’s be clear — I don’t know ANYONE that works an 80 hour workweek…this is something people say to sound dramatic and do MORE work shaming). If a business needs a 20 hour workweek, then the person choosing that job needs to be prepared for that as well.

If you read my blog, you will see I NEVER mentioned number of hours in a workweek….It isn’t relevant. You are the one making ridiculous assumptions about sweatshops and 80 hour workweeks. Do you think any business could stay in business if they expected people to work 80 hour workweeks? I think not — (Again….duh).The point of the blog is to say that it is the business that sets the expectation of what the business needs, not the employee.

That said, as a business expands there may be more flexibility, but in the beginning an entrepreneur needs to hire people with hustle. In the end though, it is the owner’s call as to what the business needs. It is as simple as that.

You clearly have never ran a business or you wouldn’t be talking about greed. That is something that resentful employees say — it sounds like you are a bit resentful at a previous employer….don’t take it out on me, man!

That said — I appreciate the snarky reference….I have added it to my profile. #snarkyboss. Hah! Love it! Thanks! (I say that truly, not in a snarky way).

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