Please stop claiming a normal balance between work and non-work is nonsense
Stowe Boyd

Give me a break.

Stowe Boyd — Thank you for your “poor me” response to the article as it perfectly showcases what I’m talking about in this article. Your work shaming comment is exactly what can destroy an entrepreneur’s spirit. You are throwing up toxic thought bombs all over the place. Hear this: No one is a victim in the workplace… If somebody doesn’t like the pace they should quit or ask for a different position. The point is that a business needs to find the people that are excited about doing the work of the business.

Trying to perpetuate this toxic philosophy that a boss is a greedy slave master is dare I say….deeply immoral. Yes, an entrepreneur/owner will ALWAYS profit in the long-term if the business is successful. That “IF” is a big “IF”, and that risk and all the expenses that come along with it make the potential profit completely deserved. If anyone is working in a sweatshop, it is an entrepreneur working in their own self-created sweatshop to get the business off the ground. No one will work harder than them…guaranteed.

You are implying that hard work=suffering. This is a ridiculous statement in itself. It does not equate to suffering, except for those people that don’t like to work…To those people I would say “EMPLOYERS BEWARE… Do not hire this person if you want your company to be successful.” They are the type of person that will run interference on your company — Be prepared to say “Bye Felicia”.


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