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Such strong words from a “consultant”….ie….NOT a business owner.

Bob Wyman — Lots of assumptions you are deriving from a blog post….Never once did I mention number of hours worked during a week or how much people were being paid. It would be pretty challenging to run a business with an entire workforce of people that are overworked and underpaid…..that is a big fat “duh…obviously’.

The point of the blog is that positions are built based on the needs of the business, not the needs of the employee.

It seems like you disagree with this and if that is the case, you should NEVER own a business. The assumption that I am making about you is that you have never owned a business and thus say things that you have no idea what you are talking about. “Managing” a team is very different than “Owning” a company. Once you do that and have to worry about the bottom line in a completely different way then you can come and talk to me and we can have an effective discussion.

Until then, good luck “consulting”.

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