Pumpkins could end up in somewhere but not landfills!

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in 2014 the vast majority of the 1.91 billion pounds of pumpkins grown in the U.S. didn’t end up on our dining table. Instead, we carved faces into them, set them aglow and perhaps left them to sit outside for days, and tossed them finally. In fact, there are many available options for you to celebrate Halloween in a more sustainable way! Why not start by reusing our pumpkins with creativity and sense of social responsibility?

Transform your pumpkins into flower planters!

Used pumpkins will be new comfortable homes for your flowers and succulents! See 11 DIY Pumpkin Flower Planters Perfect For Fall for more inspirations!

from thecavenderdiary.com

Wildlife at zoos love playing with pumpkins!

Uneaten and uncarved pumpkins could be interesting toys for wildlife animals at zoos! Here are the five places you may donate your leftover pumpkins for animal feed.

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Compost your pumpkins!

Compost is a feasible, easy-to-learn and low cost way to recycle your pumpkin! See wikiHow to Compost a Halloween Pumpkin and compost you pumpkins in four steps!

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Donate pumpkins to those in need

The Great Pumpkin Massacre, launched by American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates is a fun theme to promote donating pumpkins to your local rescue or sanctuary. Click here and find a Rescue or Sanctuary near you to donate pumpkins!

Hope the four ways above will be helpful for you to celebrate a more sustainable Halloween with less pumpkins ending up in landfills as trash. Try not underestimate their diverse functions and your contribution to build up a more sustainable world!

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