Rosmah Mansor and Nicol Ann David Named Among the Top 5 Influential Women in Malaysia

“The measure of a man is what he does with power”, and the same goes for a woman as well. While most countries report discrimination against women, Malaysia’s workforce comprises of 47% women. The women in Malaysia receive immense support from its government concerning their right to health, advancement, education, decision making, and social welfare too. Read about Rosmah Mansor and Nicol Ann David who are named among the top 5 most influential women in Malaysia for using their power to contribute in progressing the world.

1.Datin Seri Hajjah Rosmah Mansor

The first on the list is none other than Datin Seri Hajjah Rosmah Mansor who is undoubtedly the most influential lady in Malaysia. Her wise determination towards promoting child education and advancing the role of women justifies her being the wife of Malaysia’s 6th Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak. She champions some of the causes that strongly form the foundation of human capital in the country.

2.Datuk Nicol Ann David

Most of us may know her as the world’s №1 squash player, but there is more to Datuk Nicol is than just her profession. She is Asia’s first woman to achieve the prestigious rank and Malaysia takes pride in her for being the greatest ever sports star the country ever gave rise. Nicol has put all this recognition and fame to good use. She is the national goodwill ambassador for United Nations Development Program and advocates youth development plus education in the over-populated and poverty-stricken countries.

3.Y.B. Teresa Kok Suh Sim

Teresa Kok is a Member of Parliament representing the Democratic Action Party (DAP). The KL-born hold dual degrees one of which is from the Universiti Sains Malaysia for graduating the School of Communication and the second one is obtained from University Malaya for political science in addition to which, she is also a master of philosophy.

Her benevolent contributions to Select Committee on the Review of Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Code is her identity. She has also co-founded the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus (AIPMC) that promotes freedom and education towards democratic process.

4.Dato’ Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh is renowned greatly in the entertainment world which automatically makes her Malaysia’s most successful movie star and an influential personality. A movie star attracts and influences people more than a political figure can. Michelle Yeoh has succeeded in making the said impact on people worldwide which people globally see as her contribution to the society.

Besides having a lustrous career in movies, Michelle supports social causes like American Foundation for AIDS Research, United Nations Development Program, WildAid, and more. Recently, Yeoh also took part in raising funds worth more than $3.5 million for amfAR along with stars like Jackie Chan and Charlize Theron.

5.Ling Tan

The name Ling Tan is synonymous to successful fashion shows. Ling has a roaring career in teh international modeling. This Malaysian model is the Asian face that is most wanted by some of the biggest brands and agencies worldwide. However, Ling has her priorities set aside and choosy about her work given the fact that she first appeared in a relatively small fashion show before working in a commercial with Tiger Beer. Today, she is working with the most renowned modeling agency globally — IMG. There is no designer hotshot that Ling hasn’t worked with, you name them, and they are on the list already.

However, having known the struggles a woman faces in making it big in the world, she has raised massive funds for Women’s Centre for Change (WCC) in the past and continues to contribute in other pro bono works.

The power and position owned by the women in Malaysia shows that there is still a place that believes in equality and respects the decision and choices of all beings irrespective of their gender. A lot of countries need to learn how Malaysia has maintained a perfect balance between progressing themselves without leaving behind their culture.



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