Facing Fear

I invite you to contemplate the following. Accept what resonates and reject the rest. Facing each fear reveals love. Even though this may go against the advice of others, the programming of society, or confront the desire to avoid fear through the numbing of addiction, those who wish to spiritually awaken should do the following. Feel the fear; analyze it, listen to it for it’s message, and go through it to forgiveness.

When a fear is faced it is brought to the light and healed. Why? Because you are the light and you are facing it. When a fear is faced it is exposed as just an idea, a thought, an impostor for something real. When a fear is faced and exposed to your light your experience will call out the false teaching of avoiding the facing of fears, the belief that fears are supposed to be real and scary.

Every time you successfully face and overcome a fear you retrain your mind. No longer do you feed the ego mind or strengthen the fear within you. With every fear you probe you will be energized and elevate your spiritual mind with the vibration of truth.

Assume that the energy of light and love through you knows exactly what it is doing. Don’t try to use the intellect to figure out how the energy of love through you dispels the darkness of the fear in the light of oneness. The mind is good at rearranging reality; and not good at understanding the power of the heart. Instead, you are invited to understand that the seeds for your fears have been planted and nurtured within your ego mind when it comes to food, sex, relationship, family, health, work, and money.

You are invited to claim your power, to know you are Christ consciousness, an extension of God in form, with the power to face every fear, and like a metaphysical alchemist transmute it into wisdom through the experience of extracting love from the lesson.