My Journey of Compassion

How did I come to believe that compassion is the heartfelt understanding of the human condition that encompasses the pain of oneself and others? Like any good story, my journey of compassion had an opening, a middle, and an end.

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

For the opening act of my story, I incarnated without memory of what I Truly Am. I started this chapter of my journey completely unconscious of My Essence, My God Self, so that I could feel and know the pains of humanity. I did this so that I could rediscover my Godliness solely by faith and trust alone.

The middle act unfolded over decades. My experience of life brought me to a place that dissolved judgment and opened the way for acceptance. Before I came to understand faith and trust I lived through the pain of my ignorance.

Shortly after beginning to awaken I started to realize that I had perceived spirituality falsely; I cannot attain what I already Am. I needed to realize that everything I see and touch within this 3D Earth Plane of existence is not material; It Is God, or what I often call Father-Mother-Life, Manifested.

As my perception of Truth expanded I saw beyond my own forgetfulness and realized that Humanity is the manifestation of Father-Mother-Life, expressing Him Self/Her Self through each of us as Individualized God Man and God Woman. I realized that my physical body, my human biology, is a vehicle that expresses Father-Mother-Life through it, even as it grounds the Life-Love-Energy within the entanglement of the Grid of Mother Gaia, the Crystalline Grid that remembers what humans have done, and the Magnetic Grid of communication. My awakening showed me that I did not come to Earth to present materiality in my life, but to present Divinity as the Impersonal Life of Father-Mother-Love that I always have been.

Photo by Josh Boot on Unsplash

Through life experience I received information, Light, that revealed that Love is the only way to Freedom. I realized that I can’t align myself to Father-Mother-Life while I live in an attitude of separation; from myself, others, the Elementals, Nature Realms and Devic Kingdoms, or from any other facets of Father-Mother-Life’s Creations. My experiences of negative concepts so prevalent in the world showed me that living through negative concepts could never serve me.

What began to emerge through me was a realization that I must live and express through Love, Joy, Peace and the Spirit of All That Is, the I Am That I Am. I started to realize that Joy is the Light that aligns, attunes, and activates the cellular structure of my biology instantaneously to Father-Mother-Life. In Joy there is no ego mind. I started to discover that Joy is the human expression of Purity in, and of, Love.

It then struck me that I wasn’t here to teach or sell anyone else on what this is all about. Living Life in Love is about raising my Vibrational Frequencies to embody the Consciousness of Life already within Myself. In short, I realized that the path for me was to lead by example. It was time to walk my talk. Father-Mother-Life isn’t complicated, It Simply Is. It never diminishes in Light, It only Expands. With this emerging understanding, I realized that walking my talk would be the most likely way of encouraging others to raise and lift themselves into their Spirit in the simplest of ways, with the least amount of words.

When ego, or victim, consciousness brought me to my knees I rose to take personal responsibility. I gave up blaming others and looked within. I had begun to change my consciousness and thus my life. This realization empowered me to discover the Power of Father-Mother-Life within.

After discovering My Power of Father-Mother-Life I was again brought to my knees. Yes, I had discovered how to change my life by changing my consciousness. But I felt I required something more of myself. Along the way, I had begun to desire a full awakening to my Spiritual Magnificence. Experiences were now showing me that every brother and sister, every human being, were also Father-Mother-Life in form. I started to realize that I had to reprogram, to master, my ego mind to cease any thought, word or action that would create any perception of separation. Meditation would have to become a 24/7 state. Within the Wisdom of Father-Mother-Life I realized that the old structures, the old energies, that got me here were not suitable for the journey ahead.

Photo by Jade Wulfraat on Unsplash

Through the Wisdom of Father-Mother-Life I learned that my role upon Earth is to serve, not to be served. Wisdom showed me that Father-Mother-Life has no opinion about anything, and is never displeased with anyone! I recognized that It simply holds the Resonance of Love and Perfection for all to behold. There is no exception! In a flash the concept of Loving Selfless Service was recalled deep from within the Akash stored in my DNA. I recognized that fully releasing separation meant that I must master my ego mind, my ego-drive. The ego mind was the self I needed to master and thus release.

The journey that had started in ego consciousness could be summarized with the phrase, my will. As I discovered the Power of Father-Mother-Life within me this phrase evolved to, Let my will be Thy Will. The emergence of the Wisdom of Father-Mother-Life within me reversed that to, Let Thy Will be my will. And now I am starting to realize that the statement that could best describe my journey’s destination is simply, Thy Will. With this realization I am preparing to fully embrace Christ Consciousness.

And so, as you might expect given the journey taken, I now find myself praying differently than I used to. I’ve started to realize that the most powerful way to create anything in my life is to express my desires as whatever is suitable to My Higher Self/Father-Mother-Life! My journey through the experiences of life’s dramas taught me that by being unaffected by them that I was feeling a sincere desire to alleviate suffering.

Photo by Jad Limcaco on Unsplash

My understanding of compassion has evolved. I now see that compassion is a heartfelt understanding that I suffered because I started my journey unconscious of My Essence. In understanding that countless Eternal Souls have also made this choice, I have realized that I must not judge what I think is correct, or not correct, on this planet for any other human being. I now visualize purity and appropriateness within thoughts, words and actions of faith and trust. The ending of this story, my journey of compassion, can be summarized in two words — Thy Will.

This article was inspired by Christ Consciousness, and is intended to provoke meaningful contemplation and discussion. I take absolutely no credit for these words of FATHER-MOTHER-LIFE.

These words have been brought to you by the Law of Attraction and Synchronicity. If you are ready you will accept them. If your instinct is to reject them then may the FATHER-MOTHER CREATIVE POWER of LIGHT within you penetrate the chains and ropes about your psyche, and in turn inspire you to accept these words as Truth. This knowledge contemplated deeply within meditation, prayerfully used and fully understood, will change the course of your life. May the Three Fold Flame of LOVE, POWER and WISDOM overflow into your every thought and feeling.