Some Questions for Science

So, can any scientists explain why self-replicating molecules combine themselves into a living cell? No?

Well, then perhaps it’s time for scientists to perceive that the Reality of Our Source of Being is behind and within every living molecule. That would resolve the challenges to scientifically explain self-manufacture of living molecules capable of replicating themselves, forming themselves into a living cell unable to be seen by the human eye, to in turn become the building block for all the multiplexity of living organisms, including plants, insects, reptiles, birds, animals and humankind.

Until scientists can understand the impulse that motivates the endless repetition in a billion-billion-billion differing forms science will be entrenched in its own blindness, dragging people down into materialistic blindness with it. Maybe then science will understand why the cell membrane covering the cell can intelligently take in selected nourishment and rid itself of the waste through the permeable membrane. Maybe then scientists will ask themselves how the purely physical membrane of the cell, invisible to the human eye, can distinguish and select the correct nourishment to enhance its well-being and then exercise sufficient discernment to rid itself of unwanted toxic matter. Not only this, but the membrane of the cell continues to do this work of selection of nutrition and discarding of waste in a billion-billion different circumstances and conditions relating to survival within differing species and differing environments.

From this awareness it is possible to perceive a universe of being the visible manifestation of an INTELLIGENT APPRAISAL of cause and effect clearly evident within living matter. For — if the living cell can select the right nourishment and also provide for the elimination of toxic waste — this simple activity displays an awareness of the need for digestion and also foresees the resultant build up of toxic waste, the need for the elimination of such waste to ensure the continued health of the cell.

Furthermore, science says that the cell contains a nucleus which might be likened to the brain of a human being since it conveys messages and its most important function is the storage of information, the library which contains not just the details relating to one cell but of the whole body in which it resides! In fact, on investigation by science, it would appear that the cell itself is a system of chemical messages carried out in a purposeful, intelligent and intelligible way. How could this happen if the origins of the cell’s molecules were only inanimate chemical elements? Would you dispute that behind every messenger with a message to convey there is intelligent thought or consciousness? And behold how accurate are the messages transferred from cell to cell to ensure accurate replication of certain species for millions of years!

At what point in creation then, did consciousness creep into living organisms? And how did intelligent thought which weighs and decides come into the field of unconscious inanimate matter? Without inherent consciousness, how can so much informed and informing activity take place in a cell invisible to the living eye? Is not such activity the product of consciousness, proving the presence of intelligent life in its lowest denominator?

Furthermore, a single living cell, in the form of bacterium, can move about on its own and live its own specialized, frequently exciting life within the environment — or — as a virus doing its deadly specialized work of attacking specific targets within living organisms. Alternatively, the cell may be fixed within an organism, carrying out its own highly important work of construction and maintenance of some part of the organism. Such work produces living material exactly suited — and necessary — to the living organ on which it works — be it parts of the human body or of animal life, or plant — such as human toes and spleen, or animal fur and tusks, or fish scales and feathers of birds, or bark of tree and foliage on branches, or petals and stalk of flowers, or antennae of butterflies and their gauzy wings, the reptilian skin of crocodiles and their teeth, the eyes of squid and their skins which change colour according to the need of camouflage. Each of these completely diverse and seemingly unrelated physical phenomena are created by the individual, specialized work of billions and billions and billions of identical living cells. On contemplating the magnitude and diversity of the work accomplished by a simple living cell invisible to the naked eye, can you really believe in a mechanistic universe?

It would be possible to do so, if the matter produced by such cells, was illogical, offering no plausible purpose behind or reason for its existence — devoid of personal consciousness. But this is not so. These identical living cells work together in harmony within man or beast, to make a liver with its multiple duties within a body, to create an intricate eye having its own specific purposes of putting the entity into direct and intelligent touch with its environment, incorporating the assistance of the brain, or the strong bones expressly and intricately designed in conjunction with tendons and muscles, to unite with others in such convenient ways as to enable full and supple movement of the entity.

Furthermore, the cells never intrude on each other’s work. When creating a kidney, they do not suddenly make an ear. When creating hair they do not suddenly launch into making skin. No, cells create the scalp and the selfsame cells create the hair. The only difference between skin and hair cells is the work they do, second by second, through a lifetime. Why?

What organizing intelligence set the entire process of creation in motion from the most fundamental level of the formation of simple elements out of free electrical particles within space to include: Combining of elements to form chemicals; the correct combination of specific chemicals to form a living molecule; the correct combination of living molecules to make a living cell which can take in nutrition, excrete waste, build according to clear-cut specification, move about and sustain this enormous edifice of creation consistently through billions of years?

Not only this, but what is the MOTIVATING FORCE which has designed and successfully evolved within living systems and entities, billions and billions of different ways in which to fertilize seeds of every kind, whether they be those of plants, insects, reptiles, birds, animals or human beings, evolving for each an intelligent system of procreation suited to climatic conditions, the production of vegetation in the environment, in order to ensure survival?

Is not survival also evidence of intelligent purposeful activity?

And having accomplished this great feat of creativity, should you not question how it is that every living species has its own individualistic way of rearing its young and protecting it as far as possible until the young are capable of survival on their own? Is this not LOVE FOR CREATION active in its highest form?

You cannot move on from this analysis of what the human intelligence has to say about the origins of life and creativity, without mentioning the all important molecules of DNA, which are said to carry the plan of the whole organism, plant or baby. Furthermore, these DNA molecules give instructions to the cells, informing them they shall build according to the chromosomes deposited by the seed. Yes, indeed, in place of intelligence, science has given you the DNA molecules as your source of existence, your supreme leader, your director of creation upon which materialistic, flimsy cells, and the whole of creation must depend for its survival. Behold the glorious DNA — Lord of your creation!

And from whence did the DNA cells draw their intelligent directional powers?

Science is quite satisfied now that it has been able to satisfactorily explain why the various species of every kind replicate themselves so accurately and consistently. Most of the scientific community would have you believe that you live in a purely mechanistic universe, and that the phenomenon of evolution arises out of chance mutations and survival of the fittest. If you study the various organisms of creation, the differing activities of related species, can you truly believe in such an unlikely materialistic concept?

To discover your true SOURCE of BEING, you are invited to take stock of the unimaginable and indescribable complexity and diversity of purposeful work plainly evident all around you, from penguins to pigs. Can the human mind replicate any of the most basic activities within the digestive system, which swiftly summons up the requisite enzymes and hormones necessary for digestion? And yet, the finite mind, which is incapable of clearly perceiving the true creative process governed by instinctual knowledge, would presume to state unequivocally — defying contradiction — that it understands the true origins of creation and the forces out of which creation took form?

When scientists can step down from the insistence of only measuring through the five senses, and accept that some element of intuitive reasoning may be required, they will see the high degree of PURPOSEFULNESS within all this activity, stop believing that such purposefulness is accidental, and appreciate that PURPOSE is the very hallmark of INTELLIGENCE.

For now, you are invited to view the present scientific ignorance with loving compassion. Until the Ivory Tower’s position of self-satisfaction and infallibility can make room for intuitive reasoning, for accepting that not all the mysteries of the universe can be measured by physical measurement systems, human spiritual evolution will greatly constrained. The scientific mind is too full of finitely devised book lore, accepted formulas and equations, and the need for their fellows’ approval, to permit mystical penetration by Higher Intelligences.

If you read these words, which in of themselves were authored by Christ Consciousness, and feel inspired then you are invited to join with those of like-mind to challenge Science and ask, At what point in the evolution of the material world is CONSCIOUSNESS first discernible?

In the living cell? If in the living cell, then ask whether it was discernible in the living molecules which combined to make a cell and encase itself in such an intelligently designed membrane, permitting the intake of selected food and excretion of toxic waste? How does it recognize toxic waste? And if it should be conceded that consciousness might be present in living molecules, should you not ask whether the chemical properties which became a living molecule might not themselves have possessed consciousness, which eventually impelled and propelled them into the life-giving combination to make a molecule? And having gone back thus far into the origins of existence — the chemical properties — you must still question why consciousness should only become a viable presence within the chemicals — why not within the elements in which individuality first took shape, and if in the elements why should it be denied that consciousness propels the electrical particles to form the elements? Is it rational to deny such a possibility?

And having reached such a possibility, should you not go further and ask from whence comes electromagnetism? What is the reality of electricity? Surely, it is more than streaks of fierce light now described by much of science as photons and electrons? And what is the reality of magnetism? Surely, it is more than the two-fold energies of bonding and rejection. Might it actually be the energy impulses behind the stability and order brought into chaos?

In short, if you’re really interested in the spiritual evolution of humankind, ask science the following question. From whence comes electromagnetism, which is responsible for the most basic steps in the creation of an ordered and orderly universe of an unimaginable complexity and diversity?

This article was inspired by Christ Consciousness, and is intended to provoke meaningful contemplation and discussion. I take absolutely no credit for these words of FATHER-MOTHER-LIFE.

These words have been brought to you by the Law of Attraction and Synchronicity. If you are ready you will accept them. If your instinct is to reject them then may the FATHER-MOTHER CREATIVE POWER of LIGHT within you penetrate the chains and ropes about your psyche, and in turn inspire you to accept these words as Truth. This knowledge contemplated deeply within meditation, prayerfully used and fully understood, will change the course of your life. May the Three Fold Flame of LOVE, POWER and WISDOM overflow into your every thought and feeling.