By Aaron Stanley

Stories of life under extremism in Africa

I woke up in a cold sweat. Alexis Okeowo’s A Moonless Starless Sky: Ordinary Women and Men Fighting Extremism in Africa had transported me from my Harlem apartment to an uncomfortably warm night in the bush of northern Uganda. …

By Nehal Amer

Sobering dispatches make the case that “the demons unleashed by the age of chaos and war in the Middle East have become an unstoppable force”

The legacies and consequences of U.S. foreign policy toward the Middle East have left many Americans wary of involvement in the region…

By Joseph J. Jung

A new civil rights movement calls on America to live up to its ideals

For many Americans, today’s immigration debate has been a rude awakening to the controversies surrounding the country’s borders and core identity. Those who live in so-called “welcoming cities” know immigrants as their…

By Steven W. Witt
Illustrations by Marcos Chin

The International Mind Alcoves (1917–1954) aimed to change global perceptions regarding armed conflict and international peace. Central to this goal: the idea that a sustained peace requires cultural understanding engendered by education and exchange.

A boy and his father visited the Thomas…

by Vartan Gregorian

America is not just a past; it is also a future. It is not just an actuality — it is always a potentiality.

Each Fourth of July, since 2006, we have celebrated immigrants through our Great Immigrants initiative, honoring our founder, Andrew Carnegie. In 1848, at the…

by Aruna D’Souza

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Fun, imagination, playfulness — and superpowers! Science museums up their game.

New approaches to getting kids engaged in STEM learning are driving new forms of architecture and design in science centers across the country. …

by Aruna D’Souza

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Science museums and centers around the country are discovering innovative ways to inspire students’ interest in STEM subjects — including getting the whole family involved in exploring the wonders of science.

How do kids learn best? That perennial question gained new traction…

Scientists and journalists have a lot in common. They dig for the truth. They yearn for and thrill to that Eureka! moment of discovery.

Two trailblazing women sit down at Carnegie Corporation of New York’s headquarters for a freewheeling chat. Both are super-accomplished, at the pinnacles of their pioneering careers…

by Scott Malcomson

In three new books, the next generation of security scholars try to parse cyber and war

The cyber wing of the international relations academy, a creature of just the last decade, seems to be undergoing a generational sorting out. The central question is whether cyber — encompassing…

by Gail Robinson
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Engaging Imaginations, Making History (Feature)

Two Carnegie fellows, some political pundits, and a brace of cable news prognosticators walk into a bar …

Regardless of their politics, most Americans can agree on one thing about the 2016 presidential election: political pundits and forecasters suffered a…

Carnegie Corporation

Carnegie Corporation of New York was established by Andrew Carnegie in 1911 “to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding.”

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