Carnelle Rutledge Works In Grote Automotive, A Reputed Automobile Company In Fort Wayne

Carnelle Rutledge is a sales professional with an excellent career portfolio. Through his outstanding sales skills, he has helped many firms improve their sales graph. Currently working as a salesman in Grote Automotive, an automobile company in Fort Wayne; Carnelle as always works dedicatedly and puts his best foot forward while addressing the needs of customers. He considers “selling” as a two-way communication process for which a salesman needs be a good speaker and listener, both. Having a controlled voice, good command over the language, and knowing when to change the sales pitch for the desired impact, are a few qualities that he/she must possess to ensure quick sales.

Carnelle Rutledge is honest in his dealings with the customers, which in turn promotes customer satisfaction and faithfulness. Being in the sales profession for over fifteen years, he has mastered the art of negotiation and knows what strategy to employ to make customers commit. His excellent sales knowledge too plays an important role in converting a potential customer into a buyer. Carnelle is often praised by his employer, peers, as well as customers about his persistence and positive attitude. He is a fighter and does not give up easily. Rather than taking a customer’s first “no” as their final answer, he tries to persuade them & convert their “no” into a “yes”.

While marketing Grote Automotive’s vehicles to the customers, Carnelle Rutledge employs the same positive approach. It is due to his optimistic attitude that he has managed to make an impression on numerous customers of the company. A lot of them have even shared their positive feedback online, making a special mention of Carnelle for his in-depth knowledge and friendly behavior.

In the past, Carnelle Rutledge has worked in Glenbrook Dodge Inc. as a Finance Assistant/Customer Service and also in Global Sports Inc. at four different designations. He joined the latter as a Client Service Representative, but was soon promoted to Senior Client Service Representative and then to Director of Client Services. His last role in Global Sports Inc. was that of the “VP of Client Services”. He was promoted to this position after he brought huge profit to the company. During his fourteen years of employment in Global Sports Inc., he won Employee of the Year award four times (in 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2009).