Self Driving Cheras talk Decision Making using Bayes approach

So here are the ‘good read/hear’ links from recent days:

  • For the budding statistician in you, or if you are one of those who has been struggling with probability and decision making through the life (hello mate!), here is a note on Bayes approach and a guide to it
  • On the topic of decision making, an interview with Kahneman in McKinsey
  • Extending the topic on biases, here is a note on bias from liking. And bias from hating.
  • You can hear Cialdini speak here to James Altucher, primarily about his new book and also many other things.
  • Okay, let us move beyond psychology into technology — Uber’s self driving initiative kicks off and I am not very happy.
  • Here is an interesting way to classify customer feedback — how some questions [‘Can I…’] become features for roadmap and some [‘How do I…’] become marketing/positioning/design problems.
  • From the people (fanboys?) in a16z (Ben Evans, Steven Sinofsky), review of new Apple products like Air Pods. They call Apple a ‘taste maker’ and say that the bluetooth wearing execs may be cool again. Ouch. Hope not — like Gruber says, there are things like ‘Revolutionary way to connect’ that did not take off. And Apple stopped talking about it.
  • Can Bangalore’s disturbances over the last week (Cauvery, what else) be explained through ‘Crowds & Technology’?
  • Just as we talked about the negatives of Crowd & Technology, here is a story on the other side — where a girl was traced & found through social media
  • If you have been seeing a lot of ‘Oh see fat is actually good, it is the work of the sugar lobby’ in your Facebook feed (or worse, shared a lot of it), here is some context on it, no not from any lobby
  • Speaking of health, some notes on the species — yes, mosquitoes — that spreads most of our diseases and if it is ethical to genetically modify them. And the most important question of — is it correct to ‘Feed your cold’ and ‘Starve your fever’ (or is it the other way?). Well, looks like bacterial infections need ‘fatty acids’ and viral infections need ‘glucose’. So just choose your food? Wait, did I just mix it up?
  • Some history finally — Cheras of Kerala and their story!