Book Review Series: Prologue

Sweet friends,

This January, I set about my New Years Resolutions with the gumption only a 24 year old who is moderately dissatisfied with her life and no concrete plans to change it can have. One of these resolutions was to read twenty (20!) books, which to those who know me know that was a previously unheard of number. I barely read (anything) until two years ago, and even then, it was a slow and laborious process.

No longer! I am at present (April 30th) ten (10!) books into my resolution, and I have realized I’ve picked some real winners and some real snoozers. Those I’ve loved I espouse to virtually everybody I meet, but the others sometimes fade into the background. Regardless, I hope to review these books both for you and myself, so stay tuned if you want short, punchy, candid reviews of a wide smattering of novels, development, non-fiction, and sci-fi literature.

If you have any book suggestions, my list of 77 is presently ordered in a priority queue where the function by which I select the next book is “this one sounds good to me at this exact moment.” Therefore, I’m always accepting nominations!

Cheers all! Happy reading,