Boulevard of Chosen Dreams

Embracing Change:

As we tread along this journey called Life, we come to realize, it’s often our choices that define us .
Some choose the well beaten path and some the unknown,the road less traveled.

And no matter which path we choose,there comes a time when we think we have aced the path, happily driving on our cruise control mode.
That’s when the detour arrives; unanticipated ,like a lightening bolt,right at your face ,at a time when you least expect to take a u-turn.

But it’s often the detours,not the straight mapped out routes that give way to path breaking and life changing moments.

The moments when we learn to differentiate our friends from our foes;foes who were around during the fair weather but friends who stood by us at each cross road of life , acting as our true compass , our north star ,guiding us and giving us directions on things we may not want to hear then,but later realize were the true life savers.

The moments where we reflect on our choices and examine the subconscious depths of our souls to think about the destination ,we truly are in search for.

The moments where we realize that as much as the destination, often times it’s also the journey that is as important.

The journey which changes our perception on things ; making us realize that just because a wildflower sticks out among the weeds,it doesn’t make it any less beautiful and sometimes a gravel path laden with pebbles may bring more joy than the crowded scenic route.

Behind each seemingly tough moment or change might be a life lesson,lurking in the corner of your heart,waiting to be unleashed and discovered.

So savor each moment, embrace the changes ,bravely cross those bridges and remember, in the end,it’s the journey which has ultimately made you the person you have become, with your chosen dreams,at the other side of the bridge,your final destination.

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