Birthday Musings

-work in progress-

What do you think about when you wake up to a new morning- but on this morning, it is your birthday?

Do you feel different? Older? Do you feel reflective?

Do you look back on this past year and think, “where have I come from, how did I get here, what am I learning, where am I going?”

What do you think about when you wake up, it is a new morning, but it is not your birthday?

Do you feel different? Older? Reflective?

Do you ask yourself these same questions?

We are older, we are changed, things have happened. Time is our constant companion.

Weaving together time and life into a personal blanket of history, birthdays mark the passing of our story. Whether we want them to or not, birthdays remind us. Birthdays make us stop and see a bigger picture, a larger vision. If only for a day. Birthdays allow us to see what is more important than the trivialities of life. If only for a day.

Birthdays prove we exist.

It is the stamp of approval for each year we keep breathing. From birth to now. We are living. I realize this is something to appreciate, not to scoff at casually or brush under the thrift store rug in our tiny living room. It hit me in the face this year. Not everyone lives from one birthday to the next.

Birthdays prove we survive.

Humans are incredible survivors. Another year under our belts, we have that satisfied feeling of fullness that we have made it thus far. I have walked through this past year with people undergoing amazing hardship, astounding suffering, atomic hurt. But they keep going. We all keep going. If nothing else, we know that our companion, Time, will see us to another day, and maybe that day brings something better. I think we can skew “surviving” with “living,” missing out on moments and meaning, like missing the bonus questions at the end of a test. We get the facts straight. We have the correct answers. We will pass the test. But, it is those bonus questions that ask what our true understanding of life is. It is those bonus questions that provide sweetness to the end result.