Day 7

Date: January 10, 2017

Travel Miles: 100 miles

Location: Austin, TX

I knew it would hit sometime. Friends, today was the day my first wave of exhaustion hit. I got my first travel weary wall of tiredness. This always happens on extended trips! The first few days are full of anticipation, excitement and adrenaline. This energy carries over into next few days but starts to dwindle as nights in unfamiliar beds accumulate and days of travel make the body sore. Then it hits and there’s usually one day that you can look back on in the middle of your trip and think, “oh, yes, that was a long, looonnnngg day.” Ha. Anyone else relate to this? It’s like finals week — when the beginning and end of finals week are waaay better than the painstakingly slow middle. Part of why this day seemed long is because I had pockets of free time in between meeting with people. Time I wasn’t sure how to fill.

Morning: Met with my friend from high school (Ramstein American High School, Ramstein, Germany) for breakfast at the historic Guenther House in downtown San Antonio. She brought her little baby with her! Introductions were made over happy hugs, goo goo noises, and coffee. We caught up and talked about our current lives. Our men. Work. Mama life. Travel. Old high school friends. Becca has always been one of the most down-to-earth friends I have ever had. I love that we meet whenever possible, encourage each other, and love from afar. #militarylife #tck

Free Time (1/2): I had an hour or so until I needed to drive on to Austin, so I crossed the street and went down to the River Walk for a nice stroll along the water. Everyone greeted me as I passed. Even the birds. There was still a lingering, cool morning breeze. The sun was out and felt good on my skin. This was a peaceful, rejuvenation of my spirit. I started my drive to Austin a bit later, but as I was still going to be early, pulled off the highway into a parking lot and did some work from my car!! (I actually pulled off earlier when I saw a Goodwill sign, but just stayed on the access road and drove past the store because heck, I don’t need to buy more clothes!)

Afternoon: Met with an Austin-based friend, Austin, for coffee and an afternoon of wandering and shooting. It was nice to have a whole afternoon to talk and practice photography almost exclusively. I needed the outlet and the exercise. Here are some of my favorite shots from the afternoon, unedited. To see Austin’s work, click here.

Free Time (2/2): Before meeting up with my hostess for the evening, who was still at work, I went back to the coffee shop and worked myself until it was time to meet her. I will say, having this remote job is quite a fascinating thing to work out! An hour here, an hour there. A city here, a city there. It all seems to work somehow! Thankful my work gives me this freedom, even if it’s logistically and organizationally confusing sometimes.

Evening: Finally unpacked bags for the night. By the time I got to Adrian’s, my energy had gone and tired Caro appeared. Tired Caro fumbles with her words, gets extra clumsy, spaces out a lot, and doesn’t make sense half the time (thank you Adrian for your patience). I realized I was shaky from too much coffee and too little food (more beef jerky for lunch), so we drove and got some Thai from a food truck downtown. Sat outside in this amazingly warm weather. Talked and dreamed. We mulled potential activities for after dinner but opted for a night in. Then I entered the creative mind of Adrian! Read through a writing project she just started (!!), watched a short film she and her brother finished last year, discussed how to curate our work, be more disciplined, balance our lives. I get inspired when I talk with her. I get hopeful and ready to fight harder for what I create. To see Adrian’s work, click here!

And we come to now — me writing this little diddy. Adrian and I said goodnight as I needed to finish a couple work things. I even got to FaceTime Frederick on his break. First time we talked to each other all day (feels more like all week).

To energy, to sleep. To pull-out couches and rocking chairs. To quirky Austin houses, yards, and people. To friends ranging from high school to far beyond college.



#caromoveswest #20phts20dys

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