Day 9

Date: January 12, 2017

Travel Miles: 242

Location: Dallas, TX

I’m tired again tonight, friends. It’s been a long, spread out day of travel with stops to see friends along the way. Woke early to hug Adrian and drive to Dallas. I was more sleepy on this drive than others on the trip so had to turn the air cold and keep snacking and singing. Traffic was worse too.

Met my Germany friends/basically family who now live in Dallas area at Odd Fellows. Every time I am passing through we always meet in the Bishop Arts District — go to Odd Fellows and Emporium Pies. Not a bad way to start my afternoon! We sat outside for lunch and enjoyed walking around. It’s safe, comfortable, relaxed, and so good to spend time with them.

Then I headed north an hour to see Jacque and Mike, visiting family in America, before they flew back to Oxford tomorrow. I am so glad I was able to catch them!! We had tea and sat around in chairs on the porch outside, the weather still pleasant but getting stormy. How lovely to see my Oxford family here in America — that’s never happened for us! It was so, so good to catch up with them. We each had updates on life happenings since I moved from Oxford (almost three months now) and a lot of new plans ahead of us to discuss. Again, I think a theme today has been being with people who are like family to me, from all around the world, and who I appreciate doing life with!

Soon I was driving back into the city and met with my college best friend/band member, Jake Hall. Megan and Paige came by (more friends from college!). We walked a couple of blocks to dinner and took pleasure in good food and each other’s company. As we walked back to Jake’s flat, thinking we would grab a guitar and go back to an open mic place to play, we saw police cars in the distance. Then we walked into this scene: an 18wheeler had driven down Jake’s street but got caught on some telephone wires. He dragged the wires a few blocks before one of the transformers broke off a telephone pole and crashed onto the concrete (inches away from a parked car!!). Other poles were broken or bent towards the street. Wires were cut and lying in the street. Oil was spilled all over the road. Paige’s car was parked right in the mess with huge wires laying across the front, so our night turned into watching this scene unfold. Police. Firemen. More firemen. Electricians. Some guy who claimed he was press. Neighbors. It was crazy!

Needless to say, we had a bit of an unexpected adventure, but are mainly glad everyone is safe and there were people there to help! The electric guys are currently outside inspecting the damage. Caution tape has blocked off the whole street. The houses on the other side of the street do not have power, so it is going to be a cold one for them tonight!

To blankets and warmth, friends from all over the world, doritos, old band tunes, and again, hospitality.



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