LaLaLiving | Week 4

Hello world! I have been #lalaliving for a whole MONTH now! I went back and read over my 1–3 blogs to see how this is all turning out.

In week 1 I wrote,

“I’m interested to see how it progresses because this season is filled with so many unknown things — a relationship in nearness and not distance, finding a place to live, a new (HUGE) city to learn, new job possibilities, music opportunities, a search for community, west coast travel, finding God in a new culture…”

Since that first week, I have affirmatively learned more about my relationship in nearness, FOUND A PLACE TO LIVE (!!), gained many acquaintances and budding friendships, started church hunting, and planned a trip up the west coast in March! The month has been good to me, in all its weirdness and transitions, and I am thankful for the people I do have surrounding me for support.

Neighborhoods: Silverlake, Los Feliz, Echo Park, Glendale, Pasadena, Larchmont Village, Melrose, Temple City, West Hollywood, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Eagle Rock

Nature: Central Park

Eats/Drinks: Dinosaur, Golden Road Brewing, Copa Vida, Lucky Baldwin’s Pub, Lucky Boy, Go Get Em Tiger, Fleming’s Steak House, Cafe Roule, Neat Coffee, Sidecar Doughnuts, Tacos El Pollo, In-N-Out, 800 Degrees Pizza,

Shops: Crossroads Trading, Buffalo Exchange, Chevalier’s Books

Cultural: Kevin Garrett concert @ Troubadour

Creative: songwriting, youtube music video

Looking at this list makes me feel like I went a little overboard with the eating out this week!! Might have to do with the fact that we don’t have a working stove or refrigerator at our place…Also went to a TON of neighborhoods. Frederick and I had 2.5 explore days! Monday, Wednesday, Friday. The .5 day (M) was planned around Dinosaur Coffee and walking around Silverlake. 1 day (W) we conquered Larchmont Village beginning at Go Get Em Tiger. Walked around the quaint downtown streets and spent a long, long while in Chevalier’s Books, open since 1940. Sometimes you go into bookstores but just can’t find what you want or are too tired to browse…but sometimes your mood is just right and discovering books, flipping pages, and searching titles is the most enjoyable experience. Time passed and we didn’t even know or care. Frederick and I both walked out with good finds and happy souls. I’m thankful he loves to read. This Wednesday also included walking around Melrose and doing a bit of thrifting (another hobby boyfriend and I share) at Buffalo Exchange where I found some black denim overalls I’m in love with. I’m sure they’ll be in pictures eventually.

The last explore day (F) took us to Orange County with a visit to Frederick’s great grandmother! We had yet to meet, but she had heard (way too) much about me, so it was a time of amiable conversation and approving smiles. P.S.- this was the day of a massive storm! We were running around in the whipping wind and rain, windshield wipers blazing and palm tree branches swaying. Our coffee stop here was Neat Coffee. This was also the spot where we had brainstorming ideas about starting a coffee blog and writing up on all the shops we go to together, shooting the spaces, talking coffee. Dreaming up creative projects and work ideas with my baby is THE BEST! So fun.

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday were home improvement days with a bit of fun thrown in (not to mention chunks of work hours, because if you didn’t know, I DO have a part-time job). Oh! Tuesday was Valentines Day, but Frederick closed at the shop, so we celebrated on Wednesday instead. We dressed up all fancy-like and went to Fleming’s Steak House — it was divine and wonderful and special. We love delicious food and good wine, not to mention memorable experiences we get to share together instead of apart. It was our first Valentines in the same country/same place, so yes, you can applaud us for that (I prefer the jump up and down, scream, and hug his neck a lot method).

Thursday night was interestingly amazing and rough! We went to see Kevin Garrett in concert at the Troubadour. I remember Frederick showing me KG in Oxford and his music slowly and beautifully seeped into our daily lives. The concert was amazing — my first since being here in LA — but right as the last song was ending, I started blacking out and having a sugar drop! After a hectic few minutes (Frederick was frantic whereas I was very, very out of it), we finally got me back in the car and home safely. However, my back began hurting pretty badly, and long story short, I kind of pulled my back out! I’m seeing a chiropractor tomorrow, but I’m sure it’s from months of flying, driving, traveling, moving boxes, packing, unpacking, moving furniture, etc. I am thankful it isn’t worse, although it is stressful, so prayers for healing would be greatly appreciated.

Last but not least, Sunday was a fun and unexpected day because I visited two new churches and got to reunite with my friend from high school, Sherell Jane, who was in town for the weekend.

Some of my goals for this upcoming month (let’s just say through March):

1. Write a song every week — I should be writing one every day!

2. Keep producing a video every week — Here’s mine from this week.

3. Hang pictures in my room/be active about completely unpacking — I have a tendency to leave things because I’ll travel soon anyway, but this is different!

4. Once my back is healed, start exercising — I’m thinking about joining a gym?

Do you have month by month goals? Would love to get more ideas.



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