Internet Addiction

Mental health is the level of psychological well-being as well as the emotional, behavioral and social maturity or “normality”. Over forty-four million american adults have a mental health condition and the statistics continue to rise up. Mental health is extremely important because although you might physically be healthy, your mental health determines how you treat, approach and interact with other people; as it is the main factor of decision making.Most of the time if you are struggling with mental health, more than likely you are struggling to manage your overall health. There is a big variety of mental health disorders ranging from mild to severe in which young adults and even adults in their late forties or fifties identify themselves or have been diagnosed by a psychiatrists or psychologists.

Internet addiction is described as an impulse control disorder. Some people might develop emotional attachments with people online, as well as new activities they create on their computer screen, like virtual communities or social media. Repeated, unsuccessful efforts to control or cut back uses of the internet as well as feelings of restlessness, depression, irritability, while attempting to cut off time used on the internet are warning signs of an internet addiction. Impairments of real life situations and relationships are disrupted as a result of internet use. Most individuals who suffer from internet addiction spend more time isolated by themselves rather than spending time with real people, and might come off as socially awkward. This leads to low self esteem in which some people feel the need to go online and create fake personas in which they can fake someones life and alter their own reality . Such negative self-concepts can lead to clinical problems of depression and anxiety.

Addiction comes in many ways or forms. There is evidence behind the genetic disposition in addictive behaviors. Individuals with this issue do no have the enough amount needed of dopamine or have insufficient amount of serotonin, thereby having the difficulty to experience joy and normal levels of pleasure to which most people would find rewarding. These are the people most vulnerable to fall into the trap of addiction, whatever it might be. This is why after using the internet in your day-to-day lifestyle, it might become an unhealthy routine once you try to cut it out of your life. Although taking breaks from technology could be extremely healthy and can help you become in touch with yourself and your surroundings and maybe give you different outlook on life and its nature.

Internet addiction can become a big disaster and anyone can fall under this trap especially in the era in which we live in now where technology comes in more than ever. Remember, you are in control of the way you manage your time online, as long as you have the ability to control yourself from over using the internet. Do not be vulnerable enough to fall under the full effect of the internet. The internet will always be there, just like it never stops running, make sure it doesn’t take over your life. Test yourself and your peace of mind by taking a break off technology for a day or a week and notice the changes in your life within yourself in such a small amount of time!

It’s important to talk and acknowledge mental health because it’s actually very common. One in five adults in America experience mental illness. As mentioned before, forty four million people experience mental illness, that is eighteen point five percent of our total population. I mean let’s face it, maintaining emotional health can sometimes be a real challenge. People don’t talk about their mental health because it is usually disregarded as a “phase” or as a joke. Nowadays it’s trendy to mention mental health issues, mostly because people who joke about these situations don’t thoroughly understand the importance and seriousness in these issues.

There are ways in which you can take control of the internet use rather than it taking control of you.Take breaks, and fill your free time with intense activities in which require you to think and concentrate a lot so you won’t have to even think about using the internet. Having a phone nowadays is essential to your everyday life but sometimes it might be best to leave your phone at home, you do not always need it. Sometimes it might be good to make a list of things you enjoy doing, or things that need to get done. So if you get bored and feel the need to use the internet, you can do something out of your list instead. Only you can help yourself, don’t let technology take over.