Right, we need to stop saying that. We need to start wedging critique into everything you consume. You need to be asking why. You need to be pushing back. You need to throw off this melancholy acceptance and realize you’re not powerless. You probably know more than you think and should find the pale circus insulting to your intelligence.
Kissing Off the Melancholy of the Left
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Couldn’t agree more. But I am also left to ponder why Clinton critics are the only ones make this argument. Where are the Sanders critics? While I’m never one to analyze based on comparison alone, think about how this Democratic race compares to the one 8 years ago. Obama was a beacon of change, enough of an outsider to inspire hope in the minds of ordinary people. And now here we are, in 2016, with Guantanamo still up and running, an almost $5bil budget on drone warfare alone, and a lukewarm liberal SCOTUS nomination. So while I agree that the blanket acceptance of Hilary’s neoliberalism is counterproductive to the liberal agenda, we need to start thinking about how Bernie2016 and Obama2008 are/were capable of manipulating far-left rhetoric into something more deceptive.

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