In the first of a two part post, Carol Johnson, IT Director at the Telegraph & founder of Women in Tech Not Just Code, takes us through her physical and emotional journey pre lock-down, her COVID-19 diagnosis and the lessons to take forward in this ever changing landscape that is the ‘new normal’.

I feel like a fraud. I’ve been really unwell for more than a week and diagnosed with mild symptoms of COVID-19 along with my family. I’m worried, but try to put a brave face on it all. “It’s just the flu”, I say to myself, whilst constantly…

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“It’s a Kawasaki GPZ1100”, I tell them, feeling chuffed I knew something about what they were interested in. But I remember the feeling vividly as the boys in my class make loud mocking sounds as they challenged my knowledge of my boyfriend’s motorbike.

I have a terrible habit of thinking about something that takes me on one hell of a journey, to the point I almost can’t remember where I started. Oh yes, that’s it: “I need to write a blog post”. But I’m struggling to think of something. I should be sleeping but I’ve just been woken from a…

Reading stories of other peoples experiences has such a positive impact on our own potential. That’s one of our objectives here at Women In Tech Not Just Code.

It's always great to see people win awards. But have you ever sat at one of those events yourself and wondered what they did that to achieve it or maybe you thought “wouldn’t it be great to win one of those”. Understanding what its like to be involved in nominations and attending the finals is a great way to open more opportunities to get your own nomination or showcase all those great…

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When it clicks, it clicks and you wonder why you’d never realised it before. At the post wrap gathering over a glass of something chilled, it all made sense.

Earlier that day two of the Telegraph’s female directors in technology spoke at the Women of Silicon Roundabout 2018 event. The room where the talk was being held was rammed to the rafters. Amongst the audience were several other females from the Telegraph’s technology team.

In the fourth part of this series, Carol Johnson, IT Director at The Telegraph, discovers the emotions of a project coming to an end and the reality of whether the product will be delivered

Reality hits home

We are now at week 5 and the feeling of ‘can we do this?’ is overwhelming. Following the challenges of previous weeks, we’ve a lot to catch up with, but we are all raring to go. We also feel an enormous sense of determination to do this for the children, the school and our own sanity. …

In the third part of this series, Carol Johnson, IT Director at The Telegraph, reveals how a team helping pupils create their own online news site overcame some tricky moments

Boundaries and banter

As I start the session with my usual intro I’m greeted with enthusiastic hand-waving. “Can we skip the talking bit and get on with it” says one excited child. Happily I tell them that was the plan.

Well that was interesting!

The children by now are starting to test some boundaries. I’d fully expected it, but I’m not sure some of my colleagues were ready, especially those…

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In the second part of this series, Carol Johnson, IT Director at The Telegraph, describes how she took a work methodology from carmakers in 1940s Japan, to London pupils in 2017.

I’m standing at the front of the classroom, facing 26 excited children looking at me rather expectedly. After a brief intro I ask them: “Who knows what job they want when they leave school?” Thankfully, I see several hands go up. I then ask how many are in technology? Some hands go down. As I look around the room, I notice that none of the girls’ hands stay up…

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In the first of a new series, Carol Johnson, IT Director at The Telegraph, reveals how a Women in Tech group keen to stoke interest in Technology careers ended up in charge of a classroom.

“Why did I think this was a good idea?”, was probably the thought that most of us had, as we hopped off the tube and headed down to the school. After several months of thoughts and discussion, it was finally happening.

Working in a technology department, we’ve all become acutely aware of the impact that a lack of tech skills and diversity (particularly females) is…

Carol Johnson

IT Director @Telegraph Keynote speaker Champion for TechWomen, service culture & behaviours. Ancestry enthusiast! Founder of Women in Tech Not Just Code #WITNJC

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