“At no point in my career or life have I felt our nation’s values under greater threat and in more peril than at this moment. Our national government during the past few years has been more reminiscent of the authoritarian regime my family fled more than 40 years ago than the country I have devoted my life to serving.”

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman (Ret.) The New York Times — August 1, 2020

When news stories become ancient history within days of their release, some news is still worth revisiting, weeks, months and even years later. Last summer, Alexander Vindman wrote…

As a writer, facing the blank page can feel daunting. Like compost, organic material must mix then decompose until it turns into something new and meaningful. Rooted in this rich soil, ideas germinate word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph until a story is crafted. Some seven years ago, as I tried to figure out the basis for my novel, Dissonance, I came upon the obituary of Victor Grayevsky. Grayevsky, it turned out, became the inspiration for one of my characters, Mikhail Aronovich.

Grayevsky was a Polish journalist who unintentionally became a catalyst for one of the great…

I’ll never forget the time my mother told me about my grandfather’s voyage to Ellis Island. On July 4th, 1921, while his ship entered port, he stood on deck and witnessed a grand display of fireworks as Lady Liberty welcomed her newcomers — everyday people searching for a better life. To Zeyde — my grandfather — it was a dream come true.

Having inherited a box of old family photos and documents dating back from late nineteenth century Russia, I began to wonder about the place that drove my ancestors to America in the 1920s and my cousins to Israel…

Carol Cosman

Carol Cosman is the author of the historical thriller "Dissonance". Check out her website at www.carolcosman.com.

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