A human resources web app designed to facilitate smooth onboarding

Halfway through the UX/UI Design bootcamp at Ironhack Barcelona, we were given our biggest challenge so far: a week-long individual project to design a HR-related SaaS (software as a service) desktop web app for companies to use internally.

We were given a range of topics from which to choose a focus. Before selecting one, I carried out some generative research to test the water. After interviewing Amy Herrero, HR Business Partner at Sabre, and carrying out considerable desktop research, I decided to focus on onboarding: the process of integrating a new employee into an organisation.

Why onboarding?

It’s a

An app that helps parents to build a healthy support system for all the family

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It’s the end of Week Two on the UX/UI Design Bootcamp at Ironhack Barcelona…phew! This week I completed my first individual design project. The task was to create a new mobile app designed to support wellness…in three days. Here’s how it went.

The brief

Based on user research, identify an opportunity for an app to solve real people’s real problems and improve their day-to-day life.

I chose to focus on an area of wellness that I am already very familiar with: wellness for parents. …

My first usability case study

Initial usability testing with real users helps to detect pain points in a product. My final challenge before starting the UX/UI Design bootcamp at Ironhack was to carry out a usability study on a university website. This required me to recap many of the concepts covered in the prework — design thinking, user research, user interface elements, IxD, and rapid prototyping — and apply everything I have learnt so far to a real life case.

Brown University

The subject of the study is the website of Brown University. The goal was to conduct usability tests to reveal pain points, and to design…

Prototyping and failing fast with InVision

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InVision brings wireframes to life. Using the wireframes created in the , the next challenge from Ironhack was to create an interactive prototype of the emov car-sharing app using InVision.

The program’s interface is quite similar to Sketch, and it is quick and straightforward to transform a 2D drawing into an interactive experience. Click on the link below to give it a try. Follow your instinct to navigate the prototype, and help me to fail fast!

Less is more when it comes to wireframes

The next challenge from Ironhack was to reverse engineer an existing mobile app in Sketch, stripping it back to its bare bones — the wireframes. The app under examination was emov, an electric car-sharing company based in Madrid.

Original screenshots taken from the emov app

Taking something apart is a great way to learn about how it works, and in this case it also brought the details of the user interface into sharp focus. …

A copycat exercise to help sharpen Sketch skills

It’s day two on Sketch, and time to put what I have learnt so far to the test. Ironhack’s next challenge was to take the following two screenshots from a group travel app, and recreate an exact copy in Sketch.

The originals

This exercise took MUCH longer than I expected! It reminded me a lot of my architecture days. It was a great way to practise using Sketch, and I think that if I repeated the exercise I would be able to cut some corners.

One small step into the world of Sketch

Today I made my first foray into the world of Sketch. I found the tool quite straightforward to use and I enjoyed getting to grips with how it works. I carried out a range of exercises set by Ironhack, in preparation for the UX/UI bootcamp. This helped me to pick up the basics, although I am sure it is only the tip of the iceberg!

An exercise in Design Thinking

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Today, the world is at our fingertips; we can hover over the Himalayas or wander the streets of NYC without ever leaving the house. But there’s still no substitute for getting out there and experiencing it yourself, and more people than ever before are doing just that.

The Problem

Money is essential for the journey, but can also be the cause of many problems while travelling. Whole Bank, based in Framingham, Massachusetts, detected that the conventional credit/debit card system has many inconveniences for travelling customers.

Carol Holmes is the head of Innovation at Whole Bank, and is helping the bank to transition…

It’s a doodle! Sketch-noting is a great way to revive your drawing skills.

Next month, I am going back to school. Since graduating from university 10 years ago (eek!), I have travelled a long and colourful road through the world of architecture, journalism and content, which has led me to a crossroads in my professional life.

UX and UI design feels like a natural evolution of the journey so far, drawing together my diverse experience and interests. At the beginning of April I begin my next challenge — a nine-week bootcamp at — and I can’t wait!

Before starting the course, Ironhack have asked me to pick up my pens and…

Carol Moran

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