What is wrong with Paul Ryan and and other republicans in Washington, DC!

Paul Ryan, other republicans, are you just dumb or just felled and bump your head! are is it that you, and other republicans are just happy to have somebody like (Trump) in office that are claiming to be a republican, because it has been a long time since a republican has been in the office. The problem with you is, you just like all other republicans, and other people working for Trump all are scare of saying or doing something from fear of loosening your jobs, where you and other republicans are just plain kissing Trump ass. Ask yourself why in the beginning, and all through Trump campaign. Trump has always had an interest and concerns about a President ethics and conflicts-of-interest law. Why have Trump always defended Putin, when intel has said over and over that Russian have meddled in the American election.

I would honestly like to know how do you and other republicans can go home faces your children and family, and sleep at night. How can you all wake up and go into your offices, faces the American public and keep covering up and lying about what Donald Trump is doing and have done, without at least trying to get to the bottom of Trump behavior, and actions. Paul Ryan, you made another excuse for Trump behavior, and actions again yesterday. But the way I look at it is this way; Donald Trump might be 70 years old but he has been around long enough to know what is right and what is wrong.

From everything Trump has said and did when he was just campaigning, anyone with half of a brain could tell that Trump had an agenda if became President, which was to sign and do things that would benefit his friends, and family it was never about the American people at all. This is a man (Trump) that have over 3000 lawsuits, and sued over 130 some people. It also seems to me that you and other republicans now are just as bad as Trump, by not standing up to him, and fighting for what is right, and hold him accountable for his behavior, and actions. Not to be disrespectable to you but I can see why there have not been a republican in office for a very long time, because, none of you republicans have a conscience or backbones to stand up for what is ethical right.

I am a older American citizen, and have always took an interest in the U.S. Government and it Politics since John F. Kennedy was in office, and no I have not been in office but I have study and learned enough to know what is morally right. But the different between Donald Trump and the American people is that none of us has an agenda. We all just want someone in office, and people working in Washington Democrats and Republicans that will work for us and put our needs and wants first.

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