Carolé Acuña
Feb 13, 2016 · 2 min read

Saturday February 13, 2016

Sevilla October/November

I was sooooo excited and ready to finally go back to Sevilla after a few years, since I usually go every year. I had not been back for a while because I was in an intensive and amazingly life changing Meisner acting training (at The Meisner Technique Studio) that takes two and a half years to complete including the business class. Going to Spain after the training was such a beautiful thing to do; I was more confident, open, and knew why I was there.

I went to Spain for obvious reasons since I’m a professional flamenco dancer so I went to be immersed in flamenco with my master teacher Pepa Montes. When I go to Spain, I live with her and eat, breathe, dance, dream, live, flamenco. So I did just that. I also went for some personal and spiritual reasons so everyday was full of flamenco and deep inner growth. I would study flamenco, study the universe and consciousness all day into the night, wake up the next day and go again. I’m so incredibly humbled and honored to have done that in Sevilla and more specifically in the actual home of my master teacher.

I also spent quite a bit of time with Cristina Hoyos (a living legend) and she threw a party in my honor as well. I was blown away over and over on this trip (I always am with Pepa and the Miño family) and continue to be while back in California. I’m going back to Sevilla in May and really look forward to another immersive experience with so many flamenco legends and even more personal growth as it continues to aide my artistry. My mom and step-dad will come on this next trip as well so that will add another marvelous element.

There are a lot of beautiful projects in the works and will be made public within these next two years. I continue to be blown away by so many inspirationally motivating forces all around. We are all connected and what you see in me is a reflection of you so go after and live your dreams because you already are! What will you choose to do next?

I am discovery making all day and then performing in a sold out show in the wonderful neighborhood of North Beach in San Francisco tonight.

Thank you all and continue to thrive.

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