New Uniforms, More Revenue for the NBA

National Basketball Association approved this week a program that authorizes any team in the NBA to sell a corporate logo to go on their jerseys. Next season, the uniforms will be provided and made by Nike. The NBA would be the first of the four top sports in the United States to put ads on regular season every day jerseys. Since the uniforms will be provided by Nike, then almost all the teams will have the logo on their uniforms apart from the corporate logo.

This new program for the uniform changes things as to how much revenue the National Basketball Association will be making those three years. Just by having companies buy the small spot on their game day jerseys they will be making an insane amount of money. They have projected that the program will be worth around 100 million dollars a year. This program will increase the NBA’s revenue so much and they have calculated that their 2017–2018 season should be worth seven billion. There is some controversy towards the program because many fans would like to keep the jerseys ad free. Since, they are listening to the fans, they decided that the jerseys they sell in stores for fans would be without the corporate logo.

They still have many details to review and to resolve, but it is a good program to try out. The fact that it is only one logo, then it is fine, but if it were more than one it would take away the “charm” that the uniform is without the logos. It needs to be tried to see how it changes things from promotion, sales, revenues, etc. in the NBA.

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