If Progressives Don’t Wake Up To How Awful Obama Was, Their Movement Will Fail
Caitlin Johnstone

At least Obama did not steal the money from his campaign for his 3rd home. Michelle is not under investigation for College fraud like Jane the Con.. At least he earned his money and did not beg it 27 bucks at a time from his brainwashed idiot bots and then take it for his own.. Bernie is the biggest FRAUD in history. .He hates a hand full of millionaires and billionaires blah blah , same old same old boring stump speech, he hates them so bad because they made money while he laid on his lazy skank ass and did nothing for the first 40 yrs.. Dodged the draft by applying for a CO. Writing filthy sex essays.. He has basically done nothing except he is good I will say at Brain washing idiots like the person who wrote this stupid article.. He took campaign money for a trip to Rome, he dumped toxic waste on poor latinos, He was bought and paid for by the NRA… and laughed about the Sandy Hook children.. He apparently don’t care for children since he voted against the amber alert because it might go against the rights of perverts.. Of coarse after that filthy essay he wrote one can figure that… Obama did his best with the obstruction he faced and the DNC is trying hard to survive a takeover by this old Fraud who hacked Hillarys data stole it and made his polls raise… Then sued the party for wanting to investigate, Funny that was the first DNC hacking in all probability the Fraud was working for Russia all along, Comrad Bernie loved Russia on his honeymoon..

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