Carol Ann Korpi on What it Takes to Build a Successful Home-Based Business

Since the start of the pandemic, many business owners have been forced to run their businesses from home. In addition to the multiple benefits, this new way of working also imposes some unique challenges for business owners. Having helped multiple start-ups and founders build their businesses from the ground up, Carol Ann Korpi knows the ins-and-outs of running a successful business. Carol Ann Korpi is the CEO of CA Consults and is here to share her best tips for making the most of working from home.

Working from home has multiple upfront benefits: lower overhead costs, a flexible schedule, and no time wasted on a commute. However, it also poses multiple challenges: distractions, staying in touch with your team, and marketing to your target demographic. Carol Ann Korpi explains that running a successful home-based business requires a well-thought out communication, marketing, and business plan to be successful, and she is here to help you do just that.

Create a Productive Workspace

First and foremost: create a workspace that is conducive to productivity. If you are now working from home full-time, it is important to minimize distractions. Carol Ann Korpi explains that setting up a designated ‘office space’ for work not only enhances your overall productivity but allows you to still meet with clients — either online or in-person. A designated office space allows you to keep all your paperwork, files, and equipment in the same space to maximize efficiency.

Stay Organized

If you are running your business from home, you need to have effective project management tools to organize your team. The benefit of working in an office space is being able to contact anyone and access anything within a moment’s notice — a project management tool can do just that. Whether you are using Asana, Slack, or OpenProject, an online hub with all your schedules, deadlines, project phases, and brainstorms is crucial to ensuring everyone is on the same page. Carol Ann Korpi also explains that finding a video conferencing tool that meets your team’s needs is critical for staying in touch. Building an effective communication plan with your team will not only streamline communication but help everyone understand what they need to do and when.

Develop a Marketing Strategy

Unlike traditional businesses, home-based businesses need to generate their own buzz in order to get in front of potential customers. Whether you are a B2B or an online store, Carol Ann Korpi explains that it is important to have integrated marketing across every platform. From brand colours to your brand voice, having continuity across each platform will help build trust with your target demographic. If you are going to spend money anywhere, Carol Ann Korpi suggests that it be on your marketing outreach.

Continue to Network

Lastly, despite COVID-19, Carol Ann Korpi suggests doing your best to continue to network. Whether it is through LinkedIn, online seminars, or workshops, being surrounded by like-minded individuals can not only build your network, but help you build important partnerships that can help move your business forward.

Carol Ann Korpi is the Founder of CA Consults LLC | Pleasanton, CA |