Artwork by Beth Holzer

I was 12 years old when I first saw the word accessibility. I had a Windows XP PC and I loved exploring all of the menus and settings.

I didn’t have any games installed and had no internet, so instead, I’d spend hours finding the perfect screensaver, drawing in Paint or opening every possible program to see if there was anything fun hiding within.

One day I was exploring the Accessories folder that contained a subfolder called Accessibility. I remember feeling very confused and asking myself: What is Accessibility with a capital A? The word was too abstract to mean anything to me at the time, and the options inside contained unfamiliar icons and names like Accessibility Wizard, Magnifier, Narrator, and On-screen Keyboard. …

I’m a product designer in San Francisco, and I also happen to be one of those rare creatures you’re not likely going to see around here. I’m an Android user.


I know, I know. I’ve seen that look on your face hundreds of times. And that’s exactly the problem.

I come from Italy where — just like in the rest of Europe — iPhones are still a privilege. People don’t want to spend $1k for a phone, and monthly-installment plans through your carrier are not as popular as they are in the US.

Instead, in the US, people live in…

Paylance is a platform created by designers for designers to solve the problem of all problems: getting paid.

While working on this project, I defined the entire product development flow, from information architecture, to UX all the way to wireframes.


First things first, defining the experience as a whole.

It had to feel curated and tailored to the design community. The biggest challenge was to simplify the most the app’s UX, thus removing all unnecessary visual clutter and potential distractions. …

Carola Pescio Canale

Product Designer @Dropbox

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