Researcher Found An Alien Shipwreck In The Bermuda Triangle

Mysterious underwater objects have emerged in the Bermuda Triangle and no one can explain whether they have a natural, an artificial or an extraterrestrial origin.
The researcher who discovered the objects believes that, in fact, he found an extraterrestrial ship.

For those who don’t know, the Bermuda Triangle is located in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. However, it doesn’t appear on any official geographic map. Its second infamous name is the Devil’s triangle.

Under the water, this area hosts many mysteries and secrets. Namely, the Bermuda Triangle is notoriously responsible for many disappearances of aircraft and ships for unknown reasons.

According to some claims, the disappearances happen due to some strange hexagonal clouds in the area.

Numerous diving researchers claim they have witnessed perplexing events in this scope.
For instance, a few years ago, divers exploring the area said to have discovered a large ancient underwater city with sunk sphinxes and old wrecks. Could it have been the legendary city of Atlantis? Many, rightfully, thought so.

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