Three Reasons Why My Heart Hurts For The Black Church
The Real Bible Nerd

Well said. I basically feel the same about the white church of which I was brought up in. Generally it is the state of the church across the board… no matter the culture. This breaks my heart in two. There is such an ache in my heart for the church and the members in each church… that literally there are no words for this ache. At times in prayer I weep for the church so hard and so loud that I think my neighbors may hear me. But it is a wailing that needs to be wailed… a brokenness that needs to addressed. Though Paul warned us of what the last day churches would look like… I suppose we should not be surprised… but never the less… I can not help but to weep over and pray for the church as a whole.

Over the last few years I started visiting/attending different black churches thinking that maybe they are preaching the full gospel of which I craved to hear. Specifically a Nigerian church though I was the only caucasian there it did not matter to me. It is not about race. It is about Christ. They were very quiet toward me… except for a few of the folks… then after a while they embraced me with open arms. They are a very warm and loving people.

I found that the Nigerian women and many of the men where very knowledgable of God’s Word. They were also doctors and lawyers and engineers. I felt a bit under qualified to be there and a bit shabby in my plain but modest wardrobe compared to the colorful clothes of the women. The music was a bit loud for me. But that’s ok. I suppose it is a cultural preference and that is fine.

I loved that church… but what I could not put up with… and finally left… was their leader of whom put fear in the people… and was always asking for money… even demanding it… even during outreaches, Bible Studies and regular church services. He definitely had a prosperity Gospel bend on his theology… saying things like… “Father I pray that the UPS truck will show up at everyones home this week and they (meaning the congregation) will be presented with a gift, a blessing… “ Oh… my heart sank like a lead brick he said that. That was the final straw that broke the camels back.

The reason I visited/attended the black churches was to mainly tell them that I love them. I really don’t understand why the white folks don’t visit the black churches though the black folks are kind enough to visit the white churches and become members. Are we still to close to slavery? How many years will we have to wait. I apologize for all the white folks. I really don’t know what is wrong with us. Shame on us.

God bless you sir. I believe we’re witnessing the symptoms of the last of the last day churches Paul speaks of. There are still some who believe the Gospel and have not strayed. These shall saved… from black, white, hispanic and every tongue and nation… there is still a remnant. I pray I will be counted worthy to join them. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. As I work out my salvation with fear and trembling I find myself so lacking. I really believe the prayer closet (the greatest held secret in the church today) is our (all Christians) place God wants to meet with us each morning. He’s our Wonderful Heavenly Father. We have no other.

Your Sister in Christ,

Carol Dickinson

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