What The Gospel Really Says About Prosperity
The Real Bible Nerd

Yes… for those who make God and Christ the focus of their life on earth yes God may then choose to bless them physically or financially (and we do see this in God’s word)… but God out of His Sovereignty can also choose not to bless in this way. The apostles were martyred for Christ. John was exiled. There have been more Christian martyrs in the last 150 years than all the previous centuries put together. America… is not far from this time of persecution which is prophesied to come. Will Christ find faith upon the earth when He returns? When will the people pick up their cross and follow Christ denying and crucifying their flesh. Trials and tribulations will come but they help us to work our our salvation with fear and trembling. When will the modern church stop looking for God’s hands… and instead toward His face. His face alone is all that we should desire to look upon! To desire anything else… with all of one’s heart… is to diminish our relationship with the Father and with His Son. God is a jealous God. And if He gives… or takes away… we shall seek His Face and worship Him… above all earthly things.