Loving Kitties has been my heart.
Carole Hammon

Are we all delighted to be free of the worst show of humans hissing and spiting at each other? Both “stinky pants” had wasted valuable time, wasted a “TON OF MONEY” (which will be discussed further one day) promoted nothing, proved nothing new happens on Capitol Hill until Capitol Hill boots out all the same people there who do not give a rats crab apple as long as they are comfortable being treated like babies and filthy rich at the same time .

WOW that’s refreshing to say for ME.

What is the purpose of having the contest between the contestants of raising money for election purposes then turn around and discuss bills or laws that will be passed to regular people for the obligations of us to pay? Are we all this stupid? or is this funny? How does that picture strike your funny bone?

Oops, gotta stop now and drink that coffee. Be kind to your neighbors today and greet strangers with a smile, but don’t get in their cars.

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