What would you say to encourage a woman age 78, or a boy age 13?
Yann Girard

Enjoyed the piece of interest regarding your Mom and your Niece. That explains why you are dear to me because SURPRISE your Mom and I are sisters and you never knew! OK your Mom is a tiny bit older but that is OK.

Please tell your Niece EVERYTHING YOU KNOW! She is perfect for digesting and learning and most important understanding every thing you can tell her. She is the perfect age to remember. I would also ask you to make a Book especially for her with all the great nuggets you have discovered, the advice she can receive from you will become immediately interesting.

Our children must know so much more of big complicated world events; including all new electronics and media discoveries — not even just talking about the physical components available now but the demand that we must know how to operate and use all of it! You could help her in ways you have no idea of providing.

OK, lecture over. Will check in later…..hugs

PS: from your new Aunt

PSS: special notes and information from you to your brother might open his interest in possibly making changes to be above laboring into directing others who could use his knowledge. like a leader? Boss type? but he could still jump in to pick up any slack. (garf, does anyone make longer sentences longer than me?) just kidding

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