To The White Woman I Can No Longer Be Friends With
Tenaja Jordan

I also voted for Obama and felt he was a good man and President. I was glad to see when the votes from the House and Senate stalled that Obama signed bills he felt were important. After lots of study of the last election, I do not think Hillary would have been the best choice. When Hillary was given a post by Obama, she did not serve her full term. Unfortunately, the Members of our government have been too long in their positions and are not willing to step up to possibilities of change. I don’t think any President will be the best one for the complete package. It is nice to see older members being replaced by new “blood” And it is good to see other officials finally stand up and give voice to their beliefs. Fat rich people do not like change. Trump is not my favorite either but it is good to see Americans interested in the Rights of Americans. The Presidents Position should be based on the right person for the job. And we all know that every person will never be happy with whom ever is our President. But that is the grace of being an American. God Bless…..and yes I have lived in Washington D.C. I am sorry you have been hurt by others.

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