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Well informed and politely (pole) balanced.

#1 I am relieved to know (like we do figure and assume) prior thinking on this topic has been wrong.

YOU are quite an astute young women and I can see you will do well in any profession.

#2 Most important at this point is you are gifting yourself the best exercise for your body. Indeed the dancing you are doing today will provide good traits for the rest of your life. You are performing more than Yoga for yourself. And I firmly believe Yoga is the best exercise for life. Besides, where would Jennifer Anniston be today without Yoga. Being upside down draws oxygen to your brain and all the other gushy stuff. Keeping your energy up will always make you smarter, never have a weight problem plus have beautiful skin.

OK, now to the grits and cheese! You go girl! Love your spirit of adventure and just remember that cranky folks always look better upside down?

Your friend, Samie.

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